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Third Sunday in Lent
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General Terms and Conditions of the Website

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Other than the data collected by our web hosting service, 1and1, we don't collect any personal data on this site. Please refer to 1and1's terms and conditions for their policies. (Since they're a German company, they should be compliant...)

Endorsement of The Island Chronicles and The Ten Weeks

The original purpose of this site was to promote the fictional works The Island Chronicles and The Ten Weeks. These works are endorsed. The promotion is potentially shameless. These are great books and you should buy them, and this webmaster is compensated if you do. Doing so is a way of enabling the continuation of this website and related ones.

This site is now primarily used to support the websites,, Positive Infinity and Chet Aero Marine. When used for these sites, the terms and conditions for those sites apply to this one, in addition to the ones on this page.

Other Compensated Links

There are other links on this site to various books and other works. Purchasing these products will in most cases result in compensation for the webmaster.